Interview with SATO Technical Specialist

Interview with SATO Technical Specialist

In our company, everything obeys the rules, in our apartments everything works like a clock, and if something goes wrong, for this we have specialists who solve any technical issues. Meet one of our technical experts - Dmitry has been masterfully solving all your everyday problems in SATO apartments for more than two years now.

How long have you been working at SATO?

— I have been working in the company since April 2017. Before that, I worked in suburban real estate, and I was more involved in engineering networks. I like to communicate with people and help them, see my result, and be useful to people.

— What are the responsibilities of a SATO technical specialist?

—My responsibilities include maintaining the apartments in technically sound condition and purchasing materials and components. Tenants turn to me when they need to make minor repairs, which includes many different tasks, such as silicone in the bathroom, cleaning siphons, furniture repair, furniture assembly, checking fire sensors, repairing household appliances and so on. I’ll tell you about household appliances separately: in my competence is the diagnosis and solution of basic malfunctions, and if something serious, I will transfer it to specialized service centers. I also completely prepare the apartments after tenants leave. It's working by this way: the manager check the apartment, fixes all the necessary repairs, and I am already preparing the apartment for the next tenant.

— What does your usual working day look like?

— My work day starts at 9am.  I usually have orders for the whole day. And I go either for materials, or immediately to the place. It often happens that the number of orders grows during the day: I add something, something remains unresolved from previous days. It also happens that more requests come from clients, and I try to include them in the schedule already during my working day. My schedule is constant. That is, we have a working day from 9 to 18:00. It’s rare, but it happens that I solve some emergency situations at the weekend or at night. We always have a duty schedule, that is, we accept calls all time. For example, if your door slammed at night, but there are no keys, or a pipe breaks, then in any case we will solve this situation promptly.

— Did you discover something new from a professional point of view when you came to SATO?

— It was not especially new to me. But here is the “smart home” - we have them at two sites, and they, on the one hand, are the same, but the system control units are different - this was new to me. The rest, as for household appliances, is self-study, the Internet.

— And how do you feel about the idea of ​​a “smart home”?

— This is a very interesting and a good story. But sometimes it works inefficiently, because you still need to be able to manage it. People try to mindlessly change the settings, and everything stops working. Although in general this is a very useful thing: you can turn off the water remotely, heating, monitor breakdowns, leaks, maintain a certain temperature in ECO mode in case of departure for a long time and much more. In general, with such a system you have everything under  constantly control. The future does not stand still, of course, but so far the home control system still needs to be seriously developed. In Russia, few still completely switch to such a system, because so far this is only beginning to develop.

— What are you doing at the facilities? How is your interaction with tenants?

— We have very good customers, they always greet us with a smile and a good mood. We, in turn, in no way treat apartments as our property and do not think of tenants as owners of apartments. We come as guests. Sometimes, if I have time, I can accept an invitation to drink tea and for small talk. We always try to respect everyone and conduct a dialogue, clarify certain nuances. We always try to do everything in our power and as quickly as possible. If additional requests appear during the development of the main problem, we never refuse: pulling up, rearranging, restoring - everything that does not take a lot of time is always performed immediately. It is very pleasant when I come to families with children - they love us, show how they built something from Lego, observe the work with interest, try to fix something too - it is very cute.

— Do tenants show initiative in repairs?

— Tenants often enough try to fix something themselves, hang pictures, assemble furniture. But it happens that something does not work out or some wrong materials are used, and they turn to us so that we help them finish the job.

— Where is the border of your competence in the SATO buildings?

— For us relevant the things inside apartment only. Other things in the building belongs to the management company. But we are trying to maintain everything in good technical condition - or we transfer applications directly to the management company. There are things that only they or the specialists of the contracting organizations can decide. But we take care of communication with them.

— How fast the problem can be solved?

— We try to complete everything as quickly as possible, on average we take 2 days. But, of course, depends on the task itself.

— Is it possible to do without pins in an apartment?

— Yes you can! But you need to understand that you can’t glue something heavy on tape - the TV, the shelves. There are many materials, from liquid pins to a special mass that does not leave marks on walls. But, for example, you can’t do much about assembling furniture without drilling.

— What should I do if the washing machine breaks down and the laundry and water are inside?

— Reload! Drain and call the service manager. Or you can immediately call to service manager. Sometimes we can remotely solve easy tasks, for example, for heating, the operation of a washing machine, dishwasher. On heating especially. In some houses, the heating system is generally controlled remotely. That is, we can solve this issue by phone, if it possible.

— What is the most important thing for you in your work?

— For me it is important to do my job efficiently and quickly. I like to bring benefits for people, to make sure that everything works for a long time and does not cause inconvenience.

— In which SATO apartment would you want to live?

—  All of our apartments are good. Probably most of all I am impressed by the apartment on Petrogradskaya side - on Graftio street.
Date: 02.03.2020Author: SATO team
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