How to maintain healthy indoor air

How to maintain healthy indoor air

We gathered 8 easy tips to keep your home in shape and prevent indoor air problems.

In addition to the technical maintenance of the house, living and living have a major impact on the condition and health of the home. Here are tips to take good care of your home:


1. If you have valves installed on the walls of the apartment, try to always keep them open to provide sufficient replacement air to the apartment.

2. Clean regularly ventilation valves. However, do not make any adjustments to the valves.

3. Do not cover radiators with furniture or curtains.

4. Keep the grease filters on the cooker hoods clean.

5. Dry the floor, for example after shower. You can also reduce moisture accumulation by lowering the temperature of the shower water.

6. If there is ventilation unit Swegon in the apartment, always use it after showering or bathing to speed up the removal of moisture. 

7. Cross-ventilate the apartment for 15 minutes, for example, after washing the floor, taking a longer shower, or drying the laundry indoors.

8. Contact SATO service manager immediately if, for example, you notice the windows in the apartment are fogging or there are signs of mould. It may be a sign of reduced ventilation.

Date: 20.04.2020Author: SATO team
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