SATO – transparent, simple, comfortable

 Service support during your stay is one of the main advantages of renting an apartment in SATO. There is no need to decide who should pay for the repair or replacement of furniture and appliances if you are our clients – everything is provided for by the rules; and the service manager of your house will help you in cases of breakdowns and malfunctions. 

You may send a request by mail, via WhatsApp or by calling during business hours to the phone number specified in the Contacts Section - 

The service manager will coordinate the date of the specialist’s visit. All works are discussed with tenants in advance, SATO’s employees visit the apartments only after prior notification (except for the cases specified in clause 8.1. of the General Terms of the lease agreement). 

Our goal is your comfort during your stay and a high level of service. 

The service includes the maintenance of all pieces of furniture/appliances included in the apartment (included in the rent):

The service includes (for an additional fee):

The service does NOT include:

Home is important to people and a very near concern of theirs, and we want to provide them with the appropriate service

 Our apartments are homes for our clients, where we want them to live with pleasure. 
We hope that your stay in the SATO’s apartment will be as comfortable as possible! 

 See you in SATO! 

*If you haven’t found an answer to your question, contact the service manager of your house for more information.